I came across a poster with Einstein’s picture, saying: “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Rightly so, the mobility period of the Climate-KIC Master Programme allowed me to comprehend a much craved start-up experience in the field of clean technology. Thanks to the German Climate-KIC team, I met Tariq Kaddoura, the founder and CEO of ecoglobe at a Climate-KIC networking event held in Berlin.

Insight in ecoglobe’s innovative decentralised wastewater treatment

ecoglobe's Waterbase Technology for decentralised wastewater treatment

ecoglobe’s Waterbase Technology for decentralised wastewater treatment

ecoglobe is a passionate team of 12 experts working in an inspiring office space at the Green Garage in Berlin. It is amazing to explore the vast network of high-profile contacts they have built around their idea of decentralised wastewater treatment. As a Manufacturing Engineer myself, I was driven by the innovative character of the Waterbase Technology, developed by ecoglobe. I believe wastewater treatment is a core issue discussed around the globe. The untreated wastewater is a major source of water pollution and waterborne epidemics. Technologies like Waterbase, based on ecological methods of treating and recycling wastewater can be at the fore front to tackle these issues. Importantly, it reduces the ever increasing demand of freshwater for irrigation and sanitation by giving water a second life!

Coping with the challenges of product and business development

The mobility period offered at ecoglobe served as a perfect platform to test my technical as well as management skills, attained during the international master programme of Global Production Engineering (Manufacturing) at TU Berlin. Working in a burgeoning technology based start-up environment, exposed me to the various aspects of product and business development challenges faced by start-ups, especially at its early stages. This improved my ability to further counter the problems at the most turbulent business situations. The understanding of the evolution of the market rollout concept of innovative technology was prime highlight of the mobility period.

Constructing the prototype and attending international business meetings

efficient and ecologic wastewater treatment

efficient and ecologic wastewater treatment

The hands-on expertise in the construction of the prototype was remarkable. I enjoyed building various elements of the technology and testing them for the optimum results. Well, working at the test facility, located at a lush green landscape, inside a greenhouse, especially during the winter, is a nice and a warm deal! Also, I savvied the skills of negotiation during the business meetings, held with different international clients.

Understanding the start-up philosophy and developing an entrepreneurial mind-set

Thus, the experience gained, certainly helped me to ignite an entrepreneurial mind-set. It developed in me to initiate a technology based business venture creating a positive impact on climate change. The potential networking opportunity with the academics, venture capitalist, banks, industrialist and entrepreneurs has holistically widen my scope to understand and establish the start-up philosophy. I certainly stand benefited by this immense opportunity and in depth expertize, I attained, in international sales.

Finding the right career for myself thanks to Climate-KIC’s mobility opportunity

Climate-KIC is an excellent medium to access the various start-ups encouraging sustainable technologies. It had supported me at every needed step to find a competent enterprise matching my educational qualifications. Also, the financial support I gained, as a scholarship, during my stay with ecoglobe was appraisable.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend the aspiring students to grasp the mobility opportunity as part of the Climate-KIC Master programme and indulge with the most emerging climate start-ups of Europe. The knowledge and exposure I perceived at ecoglobe is prodigious, which has firmly assisted me to adapt my   career – Climate Entrepreneur.