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The GreenCycle Academy is a workshop based on an open innovation approach that brings together creative students from all backgrounds. During this event, you will learn and apply various methods for idea generation and design thinking tools to find first solutions for the specific challenges. Throughout all sessions, you will be supported by a team of experts and mentors from GreenCycle and an additional pair of coaches. GreenCycle is the service provider for waste disposal and energy management of Kaufland, Lidl and further companies.
This is your opportunity to start your career as a climate innovator!

What are the challenges in 2018?

Challenge 1. How might you design a strategy to promote the brand of a global-leader in sustainable waste management?

What types of campaigns, communication channels or other ideas would you like to develop to tackle this challenge?

Challenge 2. How might you develop digital solutions for a more efficient and effective waste management industry?

Join us to develop your ideas about different kinds of digital solutions, like an app or platform.