The “EIT Alumni Startup Days” (EASD) is a 54 hours event that gives you the chance to create, design and test your own startup ideas within international teams in just one weekend. The Startup Days will take place, from the 6.-8.November 2015, simultaneously in five European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm! Up to 250 participants across the countries will be involved in this experience, working on their business ideas and solutions related to sustainable development and climate change. The event is organized by the alumni of the European Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and open for our community as well as for externals.

Start up!

Climate-KIC alumni studentsThe innovative and international environment of the EASD will boost your ideation of new sustainable solutions. Sharing your inspiration and knowledge on Friday evening, initial ideas are carried on by a team of participants, who build a startup around it over the weekend


Participants will pitch their ideas on Friday evening (not every participant needs to have an own idea) and will keep on working on them in mixed groups, generating new ideas along the weekend. On Saturday, the teams will present their business ideas to experienced mentors and coaches, working in the entrepreneurial sustainability field, and gain valuable feedback. On Sunday, the teams will have a final version of their “business”, consisting of a Business Model, an analysis of the related market, the customer need and the social / environmental impact.


At the end of the weekend, at each location the 3 best ideas will win a prize, which will be “hours” of co-working spaces, mentoring or initial support to continue working on their idea. Moreover, an overall winner team will be announced.

Sustainability Community

eit-communityEIT CommunityThe EASD are an awesome opportunity to realize ideas with an innovative and sustainable impact: for Climate-KIC students it is the perfect moment to put their entrepreneurial education into practice and pushing their effort beyond the limits, building future businesses and teams. For externals, it is a perfect chance to connect to the EIT network, gaining access to extensive resources and the EIT Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs).

At the same time, this is an extraordinary situation to raise about climate change and how to protect our environment. Secondly, to promote the KIC’s services, establishing new connections with accelerators, mentors and fostering the EIT initiatives. Thirdly, it is a great chance for KICs students to enhance cross-KIC collaboration and meet their fellow students from the other Masters. Also, it is a unique opportunity to connect to external people and enhancing ones network, resources and skills.

Tickets & Fees

The participation fee is 10 Euros for a limited time and includes the full package, from food and beverages to mentoring and after party!
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